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Pittsburgh’s Premier Men’s Clothing Store

Charles Spiegel for Men, Established in 1981, has become Pittsburgh’s first stop for men’s fashion for over three decades, and has always made a commitment to our loyal customers…not to be the same.

Charles and his staff are always looking for new ways to push the envelope. Even the traditional European lines are bought with a more progressive point of view. New designers are always added to compliment the presentation. Even the custom clothing customer is encouraged to try different, not out there, but different features of styling. Whether it’s side vents or peak lapels on your jackets, or flared bottoms on your trousers, we want you to be distinctive.

Our Squirrel Hill store has been a fixture on Forbes Avenue for over 21 years.  On the right, you can join us for a virtual walk-through.  To see the latest items in our extensive collection of designer Men’s Clothing, come see us now.  Seriously, now.  Why are you still reading this.  Let’s go!